Body Work and PNF Stretching have multiple benefits including:
  • Increased range of motion
  • Reduced muscle and joint pain
  • Improved posture
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved sports performance
  • Supporting and fortifying connective tissue



Whether you are someone who needs a little bit of extra accountability when it comes to stretching, has specific mobility or flexibility issues, dealing with an injury, or a serious athlete looking to improve performance in your specific sport, an assisted stretch can provide much-needed support and give you the result you may not be able to attain on your own. With a one-on-one stretching session, you can relax everything except the muscle being targeted, which results in a much deeper, more effective stretch, as well as more relaxation for the breath and entire body. Research has shown that assisted stretching also reduces stress, improves sleep, balances your body, while aiding with food digestion. Last but not least, it helps with clarity and mental health…it’s “juice for the brain” and releases dopamine and endorphins.

Bodywork is a technique used to improve range of motion, flexibility, mobility, and improve athletic performance. This technique involves stretching and releasing the myofascial tissues that surround the muscles. In addition, proper bodywork helps to relieve muscle and joint pain for anyone plagued by a chronic injuries. Bodywork with myofascial releases the broader network of muscles that might be causing pain and discomfort. To achieve maximum results, a variety of percussion instruments and tools are utilized to reduce muscle fatigue and optimize workouts while actually lengthening and strengthening the muscle group being stretched to hold and maintain the musculoskeletal space created. As humans, we tend to develop poor biomechanics as we age, and lose the ability to move dynamically and effectively. Being proactive is imperative to avoiding this and is your insurance policy to staying independent and strong throughout life.

“The Fitness Studio”, in Piper Glen offers expert bodywork and dynamic stretching. The fitness professionals who offer these services will sit down with you for a free 30 minute consultation and provide a “demo stretch” – answering any questions or concerns you might have to gain a better understanding of your fitness, injury, and exercise history.
A proper assessment will be performed in order to customize an effective stretch and bodywork routine that is tailored to fit your needs. We all have different goals, limitations, and abilities. Our fitness professionals understand this and looks forward to meeting you exactly where you are in you wellness journey to cancel pain.

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