The Fitness Studio

Meet the Trainers


Kayla Calobeer

Kayla is a Certified Personal trainer, Stretch and Flexibility coach, and Nutritionist. She found a love for the fitness industry through her own personal weight loss journey. It was through that, that she realized she really wanted to help others achieve a healthier version of themselves just like her trainer did for her. Her love and passion for helping others is what her entire career has been built upon.

Her expertise lies in helping clients shed body fat, build lean muscle, move better, feel better, and craft healthier, happier lifestyles. Client progress is tracked systematically with top of the line body scanning technology that gives measurable results. This allows the clients to get the most optimal results out of their training.

Kayla’s approach is much more than just working out. She works with her clients to build sustainable and healthy lifestyle choices outside of the gym as well. Through discussions about nutrition, mindset, daily life, and physical health she is able to create the perfect custom plan for any person to achieve their goals.

Harry White


Harry White

Harry White is a highly skilled sports performance and fitness specialist with expertise in youth sports performance and general population fitness. With over 17 years experience, Harry has obtained over 6 certifications in the personal training space. With a passion for helping individuals of all ages achieve their performance and health goals. Harry has dedicated his career to optimizing athletic performance and enhancing overall fitness levels. Through his extensive knowledge of sports training techniques and exercise science, Harry designs tailored programs to improve strength, speed, power, and flexibility for young athletes. Additionally, his expertise extends to working with individuals from various backgrounds, ensuring that he can effectively guide and motivate clients of all fitness levels towards achieving their desired results. With a commitment to lifelong health and wellness, Harry White is a trusted professional in the field of sports performance and general population fitness.


Chad Schlosser

Chad is the newest team member at “The Fitness Studio”, in Piper Glen. He is an upbeat and knowledgeable American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer who has over 20 years of experience working with clients. He is also Certified in Orthopedic Exercise; Pain-Free Movement; Sports Nutrition; PNF Stretching; and Fascia Bodywork. In addition, he received a BSBA-Finance from the University of Denver. Helping people overcome and surmount life’s challenges and adversities are his real life passions. Chad is adept at channeling his energy and motivation to his clients that allows them to see their inner and outward strength. Addressing muscle imbalances, preventing injury, and improving movement patterns as well as muscular strength are a few of his specialties. He understands that his clients have different abilities, needs and goals; realizing this helps ensure a positive and productive take away for every workout and each individual. Connecting, inspiring, and then transforming people are the three primary components Chad utilizes in achieving results for his clients.