Corporate Wellness

A Strong Workforce for a Healthy Company at The Fitness Studio

We believe in the power of good health. We understand that when employees are healthy, it leads to increased productivity, improved immunity, and reduced stress levels. That is why we have made it our mission to help companies achieve optimal health for all employees.

As a corporate partner, we offer fully customizable wellness programs to suit companies of all sizes. With both in-studio and digital membership options, our programs are easy to manage and offer the flexibility to reach your entire workforce.

Studies have shown that corporate wellness programs result in a positive impact, both professionally and personally, for employees. The Fitness Studio can help lower absenteeism, boost engagement and job satisfaction, and reduce healthcare costs through a healthier workforce. Invest in your employee’s health and watch as your company flourishes.

  • Currently, 60% of organizations provide wellness initiatives.
  • 61% of employees would join a workplace fitness program to help reduce their health insurance costs.
  • 38% of participants in a wellness program said that it helps them take fewer sick days.
  • 62% of participants in a wellness plan said that it helped them lower healthcare costs.
  • 60% see improved time management skills, mental performance and deadline achievement on exercise days.


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